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Taking Your Sales to a New Level

With Custom CRM Software

The best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software development process focuses on your unique needs and processes. At 7T, we take a “business first” approach to CRM development, as we get to know your company’s operations, pain points and needs. Then, we work with you to develop refined CRM solutions that maximize profits and ROI. We can even integrate cutting-edge technologies like Predictive Analytics, cloud computing and data lake integration.

Project Management
Manage your tasks in a collaborative project management portal that empowers your team to achieve its goals with unparalleled efficiency. Connecting with customers and coordinating your marketing/sales efforts has never been easier.
7T can integrate a customer support portal, email newsletter tools and social media management capabilities in your custom CRM software for a centralized marketing hub. It's everything you need to engage your customers.
There's no need to toggle between email, a private messaging window, reporting tools and your CRM. All of these features can be included in your customized CRM platform for improved communications.
Human Resources
7T can integrate human resources (HR) tools that'll allow your staff to perform tasks such as tracking performance amongst team members. It's even possible to integrate payroll, expense tracking and commissions tracking.
Manage anything and everything associated with your sales process, from inventory and sales, to shipping and logistics, and even marketing, website and advertisement management. It's all in a single, easy-to-use CRM platform.
Sales forecasts can be generated with ease when your custom CRM is equipped with a Predictive Analytics engine. Produce data-based predictions to guide your marketing, inventory management tasks and more.

CRM Solutions Built to Suit

Your Needs and Solve Problems

A CRM platform needs to keep pace with the speed of business, with a user-friendly interface, useful tools and helpful technologies that let you meet (and even anticipate!) your customers’ needs. Let 7T oversee your custom CRM development project, as we build a purpose-built enterprise software platform that will propel your company to the head of the pack.

At 7T, we solve hard problems.

Here are just a few.

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SevenTablets is a digital transformation and mobile app development company that creates cutting-edge business solutions. Our expertise spans mobile apps and many of the most advanced platforms, including predictive analytics, natural language processing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and disparate database cloud integrations. We apply a business-first approach to our client’s goals, helping them develop mobile apps and software solutions that streamline business processes and increase revenue. SevenTablets is based in Dallas, Texas and serves Austin, Houston and the United States.