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The financial industry has undergone a complete overhaul due to recent technological advances, affecting everything from enterprise operations to customer interactions and even currency, as in the case of digital cryptocurrency. Mobile technology is a key element in these changes, as financial apps allow users to manage their money, their investments and their payments. In fact, 52% of Americans with smartphones use financial apps to monitor balances, make payments and perform other functions.

Security is a paramount concern when developing financial apps for mobile platforms—and it’s a pain point our developers completely understand. After all, the annual cost of cybercrime exceeds $445 billion annually. What’s more, 70% of Americans feel that a cloud of security concerns hovers over the financial sector. In response, companies are going the extra mile to establish and maintain user trust, in part, by leveraging high-level security technology and encryption methods.

Mobile apps represent a serious security risk because it’s easy to lose a tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. And once you gain access, you can move or spend thousands—even millions—of dollars with a single finger swipe. These dangers have spurred a high demand for safer technology and prompted developers to continually create new app security measures. In addition, the tech community is leveraging hardware that allows for biometrics-based security features such as eye scans and fingerprints.

Today’s financial mobile apps are also utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), which is especially useful for data analysis. Some hedge fund, trading and stock apps feature cloud-based algorithms that can be used to make more intelligent and profitable investment decisions. In fact, hedge funds Sentient and Numerai have already launched AI-driven mobile apps for trading. So what can a new app do for your company?

A financial app may include the following features:

  • Secure biometrics and two-factor authentication for app logins
  • Account management tools that allow for transfers and other transactions
  • Military-grade security features and 4096-bit SSL encryption on all transactions and data transfers
  • A document-sharing interface
  • A virtual trading platform for stocks apps
  • An overview of products and services
  • A messaging system for contacting other users and/or customer support
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) interface

PHP Agency Mobile App

One of the nation’s fastest-growing financial marketing companies, PHP Agency is an insurance and financial services firm. Primarily, they deal in retirement planning annuities, insurance, and debt settlement. PHP Agency recognized the need to connect with the tech-savvy millennials dominating the marketplace. Our mobile app served as a key component of this strategy.

PHP Agency turned to a local app development company in Dallas to craft a user-friendly sales companion app featuring military-grade security. The agency also required an interface that allows individuals and sales teams to earn badges, awards and performance incentives to promote productivity and enthusiasm amongst the sales professionals.

In all, this custom app is a prime example of our “business first” stance on financial app development. We worked to truly understand the company, their operations, and their objectives; only then could we craft an app that would serve their interests and meet their needs.

At SevenTablets, we have created innovative hybrid and native financial apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and other devices. In fact, the app we developed for PHP Agency is a wonderful example of what’s possible for enterprise sales applications.


If you’re seeking a Dallas mobile app developer to design a new enterprise app, a B2B app, or a B2C app, SevenTablets is ready to assist. Our talented team has created apps for a diverse range of industries, so we are well-positioned to meet your development needs. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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