Fit Freedom

Never order the wrong size again!

Fit Freedom is an augmented reality (AR) body measurement application designed to simplify the online apparel shopping experience. Fit Freedom uses the consumer’s smartphone camera to provide quick, simple body measurements, creating a 3D “fit model” that recommends the consumer’s size across the platform’s available retailers.

Fit Freedom Fitting App

The Fit Freedom Experience

Once the consumer has downloaded the Fit Freedom application to their smartphone and imputed their height, the application uses their smartphone camera, augmented reality, and machine learning to generate their precise measurements. During the fit experience, consumers capture two scans – the front and right side of the body. To ensure privacy, no consumer photos are stored on the phone or on the platform. Instead, a scan of the body’s outline is used for measurements to ensure consumer privacy.

How it works: To capture accurate scans, the consumer stands in front of a wall, with their feet shoulder-width apart and their fists on their hips. Using just two poses Fit Freedom captures all body dimensions and creates a perfect 3D “fit model” of the consumer in seconds.

Benefits of Fit Freedom

After the consumer has been scanned, their Fit Freedom ID is ready for use with all their favorite online retailers.

How it works: The Fit Freedom ID compares the consumer’s “fit model” to the retailer’s sizing chart to recommend their size in the item of their choice. The consumer will also see where they fall on the “fit spectrum,” allowing them to select the best size based on their measurements and fit preferences.

Fit Freedom does not ask consumers to choose competing retailers for size references, eliminating the likelihood of a shopper leaving a retailer’s website to buy a similar piece of clothing elsewhere.

Fit Freedom Retail Fitting App

Ready to Say Goodbye to Returns & Exchanges?

The SevenTablets team is proud to present Fit Freedom to the retail world! If your retail business could benefit from fewer returns and exchanges, as well as happier customers, Fit Freedom may be the tool you need. Please contact us today to learn more!

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