Insurance App Development Services in Dallas

Insurance App Development Services in Dallas

The insurance industry is rapidly evolving, as new technology has dramatically altered how insurers and insurance brokers operate. Mobile apps allow companies to engage and connect with consumers in new ways, from accessing comprehensive policy comparisons and overviews to inputting photos of damage or submitting, monitoring and appealing claims. Technology has also allowed for creative measures such as real-time driver monitoring, which effectively decreases insurance costs.

Technology is expected to bring additional changes in this business sector, particularly as vehicle automation and vehicle sharing become more commonplace. Already, mobile technology has created a revolution, as companies have seen a major shift in customer expectations. For instance, just a decade ago, the mobile app marketplaces didn’t even exist!! But today, policyholders expect their insurance company to have an app that allows for account management and mobile submission of claims and supporting photos or video. The data suggests embracing technology is prudent for insurance companies. A Harvard Review report found that insurance agents who leveraged modern technology saw a 65 percent reduction in costs, along with a whopping 90 percent decrease in the amount of time spent processing claims. With figures like these, the benefit of leveraging an insurance mobile app is apparent.

An Insurance Mobile App May Include the Following Features:

  • View and compare policy features and prices
  • Submit photos/videos of assets or damage
  • Remotely submit and monitor insurance claims
  • Search for in-network healthcare providers or repair shops
  • Process claims and issue new policies

The Pan American Life Insurance App

The Pan American Life Insurance company came to SevenTablets in search of a branded, user-friendly mobile app interface to engage policyholders and reduce call center volume. Our solution was a mobile platform with a variety of features:

  • Subscribers can search for in-network providers
  • Users can view insurance ID cards
  • Customers can view insurance benefits
  • The customer support team and subscribers can send and receive messages
  • Customer service portal users could access via their mobile device
  • Digital resources library

The Pan American Life Insurance mobile app successfully created an additional revenue stream for the company. Our team crafted a unique enterprise mobility solution that embodies our “business first” approach while driving sales and delivering a smooth user experience.

National Insurance Company App

One of the largest insurance brokerage companies in the United States turned to SevenTablets to produce a mobile solution for each portion of their business. The final product improved internal communications, creating a direct communication channel between the business and its clients, using machine learning to advise policy changes, and placing client health insurance in the palm of their hands. The features include:

  • Real-time internal messaging and notifications
  • Instant HIPPA compliance form requests and notifications
  • Admin portal with analytics and reporting
  • Predictive Analytics to recommend policy changes
  • Medical Marketplace to compare medicine prices
  • Real-time monitoring of transactions to prevent medical fraud
  • Digital insurance policy details and ID cards

Our solution not only saved the company millions of dollars and countless man hours, but made insurance policy selection and usage convenient for all parties.

At SevenTablets, we develop custom hybrid or native insurance apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. Although developing mobile apps for insurance companies is one of our specialities, our team of Dallas mobile app developers has created applications for a variety of industries.

Our open source STAX platform allows us to shorten your project’s development timeframe and cost by as much as 35 to 40 percent. Contact the SevenTablets team today to start the development process for your insurance app.

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