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Lockton Insurance came to SevenTablets with a need for robust data management and deep insights. By leveraging SevenTablets’ analytics product, Sertics, Lockton was able to produce a comprehsive data lake and experience the benefits of Predictive Analytics.

Sertics Predictive Analytics

Powered by SevenTablets’ Sertics Data Lake creation engine
and Predictive Analytics platform, Sertics.

Sertics Data Lake Creation for Lockton Insurance

Data Lake Creation

Sertics’ data lake creation engine helped Lockton aggregate, normalize, and cleanse their data efficiently. This process prepared the company to extract impactful insights from a wide range of data sources without hiring additional data scientists.

Benefits of Sertics Predictive Analytics for Lockton Insurance

Profound Business Intelligence

After producing a powerful data lake, Sertics enabled Lockton to analyze years of company information. Powered by Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, Sertics produces actionable insights regarding inefficiencies, pricing, client preferences and more.  

Sertics Data Management for Lockton Insurance

Easy-to-Understand Visualizations

Sertics automatically serves up the best data visualizations to suit Lockton’s needs. These visualizations empower the company’s business users to learn more, faster so they can continually improve their service and the insurance industry. 

Powerful Insights for Better Insurance

Lockton Companies Inc. is the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerage firm, providing insurance, risk management, employee benefits and retirement services. The Lockton team approached SevenTablets with a need for deeper insights about their business, as well as a way to effectively store and utilize their masses of data.

SevenTablets’ product, Sertics, became the ideal tool for Lockton’s needs thanks to its data lake engine and Predictive Analytics capabilities. Through Sertics, Lockton has improved their pricing, customer service, and uncovered missed opportunities for greater effeciency and growth.

How Lockton Leverages Sertics

The first step in helping Lockton find useful business insights was ingesting all of the company’s data – from sales records to client locations. Military-grade security and GDPR compliance are standard components of the Sertics platform, which make the data lake creation process less stressful for businesses that deal with personal information. After Lockton’s data was collected, the Sertics data lake engine normalized and cleansed every data point.

Next, Sertics’ machine learning and Predictive Analytics algorithms were applied to the data to uncover patterns, trends and anomolies. The Lockton team continues to feed data into Sertics in real-time, powering the system to peer into the future for the benefit of their business.

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