Manufacturing and IoT App Development Services in Dallas

Manufacturing and IoT App Development Services in Dallas

The manufacturing industry is seeing tremendous growth and evolution thanks to many technological advances. Such innovation has transformed how goods are manufactured, labeled, packaged, organized and distributed.

IoT integration, in particular, has been a game changer for this industry, as it’s now possible to more effectively control and maintain manufacturing equipment, small vehicles and other industrial equipment. IoT mobile app development has grown by leaps and bounds, so we’re seeing a diverse range of mobile capabilities, from monitoring a production run to tracking (and altering) an autonomous bot’s movements throughout the warehouse.

Unfortunately, there are no one-size-fits-all IoT management solutions for manufacturers because every operation is different. Therefore, you need an experienced app development company with the insight required to build a custom mobile application that meets your unique needs. That’s precisely where SevenTablets can help.

A Manufacturing IoT Mobile App May Include the Following Features:

  • Communicate with IoT-enabled manufacturing equipment
  • Send alerts when machinery breaks or efficiency dips
  • Manage autonomous bots and vehicles via mobile devices with asset tracking
  • Custom-built tracking and management systems to organize, track and re-route goods, packages and assets

The FAS GoPlant App

Form Automation Solutions (FAS) hired SevenTablets to develop a customizable IoT and manufacturing mobile app called GoPlant. This app includes mobile asset tracking capabilities, data collection, reporting features, analytics, and an alert system.

GoPlant accepts input from mobile devices, barcode scanners, cameras, GPS equipment or databases (external or cloud). The app also connects to the company’s IoT network for managing equipment, machinery and vehicles. Asset monitoring is simplified with customizable forms, and a comprehensive toolset allows users to create new forms, charts, alerts and reports.

The GoPlant app can be adapted for a number of different industries. We’ve also integrated a SaaS subscription service powered by GoPlant. Alternatively, companies can self-host with the GoPlant Enterprise Support interface.

The SevenTablets team is available to take on your custom manufacturing app development project. We believe in a client-first approach, as we strive to first understand your unique goals; only then can we get to work building an incredible app.

Our Dallas mobile app developers have experience working with clients in a range of industries, so we’re well-positioned to meet your development needs. If you’re ready to discuss your app development project, contact SevenTablets today.

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