The Advantages of Working With a Top App Developer in Austin, TX

Austin: The Hub of Technology and Creativity in Texas

The eleventh most populous city in the nation, Austin is one of the three points in the Texas Triangle. Austin is a thriving cultural center, with a love for live music and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The city (which also happens to be the capital of Texas) is home to regional offices for many Fortune 500 companies—including numerous tech companies—such as Apple Inc., Texas Instruments,, 3M, Oracle, IBM, Google, Cisco, IBM, Intel, and Whole Foods Market.

Our Texas mobile app developers work with clients in and around Austin and beyond, developing applications for clients in a wide variety of industries and business niches. With over 4.7 billion people using mobile devices in 2016 (Forrester), mobile apps are more essential today than ever before. This is where SevenTablets can assist, as we specialize in developing


The Mendr photo editing app was created as the solution to a very real problem: a lack of access to professional photo editing services in real-time. Social media campaign managers and online marketing professionals can turn to Mendr for professionally-edited, social media-ready photographs on-demand.

Mendr was designed to leverage a practice known as craftsourcing, which connects service providers with clients in need of their talents. The platform was made to be aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly, while allowing for a rapid turnaround time. Due to the volume of users and the sensitive account information stored within the Mendr interface, this app demanded military-grade security with 4096-bit encryption. We also included comprehensive analytics to provide useful insights into user habits.


iSalt was developed by the SevenTablets team for a funded start-up that sought to create a social networking and event sharing platform designed specifically for users in coastal communities. This native app was originally created for iOS, although a second Android version will soon be released.

Hosted on the cloud, this app features a range of different capabilities and tools, including a social networking interface, image and video sharing, a ranking feature, and collaboration tools. This mobile app was designed to really embody the unique saltwater coastal culture, so the aesthetics, architecture, and features were all created with this target audience in mind. The end result is a dynamic, engaging application interface that has emerged into the app marketplace as a true one-of-a-kind.

The Benefits of Choosing a Top Austin Mobile App Developer

True to Austin’s rich and diverse entrepreneurial spirit, the SevenTablets development team has created some innovative apps for local clients. When you work with a local mobile app developer like SevenTablets, you’ll enjoy a number of different advantages, including:

  • Easier Communication & Idea-Sharing

  • Faster Development & Fewer Delays

  • Fewer Intellectual Property Concerns

  • Improved Level of Confidence

  • Greater Familiarity With Your Local Target Audience

  • Increased Local Economic Benefit

If you or your company is seeking an Austin mobile app developer to create a one-of-a-kind enterprise app, B2B app, or a consumer-facing B2C app, SevenTablets is ready to help. You’ll enjoy our client-centric approach; we put you and your needs first and foremost throughout the entire course of the project.

We’ve also developed an open-source framework called STAX, which allows us to cut development timeframe (and budget!) by upwards of 30 to 40 percent in some cases. This, combined with our military-grade security features and optional cloud-based hosting, will result in an app that is certain to exceed expectations. Contact SevenTablets today to discuss your project.

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