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Developing a successful mobile app is the cornerstone of a strong marketing and sales strategy in this digital era. And a critical element in developing a well-crafted app is performing thorough app testing.

Testing for business apps is considerably more complex than testing for consumer apps. After all, you will need to consider more devices and operating systems during the testing process. Therefore, the testing strategy must be followed throughout the entire app development process, from its inception to the user feedback stage. App testing is all about ensuring that your app performs as expected. 7T has adopted an agile software development methodology, as well as an issue and project-tracking software in JIRA, that allows us to develop incredible apps that meet your company’s unique needs.

Why is App Testing Important?

Although many companies understand the importance of developing a mobile app, they often fail to implement an app testing strategy that fixes flaws within the app. In fact, Forrester found that only 29% of mobile developers engage in exploratory testing of their apps. Without careful testing, your app may not achieve the success you hope it will.

App testing allows you to find answers to key questions, such as:

  • Will your app work properly on the devices and operating systems you want it to?
  • Does your app function as expected?
  • Are you meeting your users’ needs?
  • Are there any bugs or flaws that need fixing?

With this information, you can address any weak spots within your app and more precisely optimize it for your users. Your app should be as perfect as possible, and reaching this level of quality can only be achieved by executing the right app testing strategies.

Our Dallas App Testing Services

The 7T team has developed a meticulous app testing process designed to ensure your app meets all your needs. Here are the essentials of our mobile app testing services:

  • Unit Testing: With unit testing, we examine the smallest parts of an app that can be tested (known as units). This ensures that your app’s functionalities are working properly.
  • Optimal Coding Guidelines: Our app testing process follows optimal coding strategies to eliminate any bugs, server size issues, security vulnerabilities or data truncation.
  • Acceptance Testing: We run tests to ensure your app can handle tasks in real-world situations without crashing and that it meets every documented business requirement.
  • Usability Testing: This is about seeing how real users interact with the app. Our team supervises the process so we can address any issues users encounter.
  • Load Testing: This step ensures that the app offers a fast and reliable user experience every time.
  • User Experience Testing: The user experience testing process makes sure that the app meets the needs of its users and is easy to navigate.
  • Real-Device and Real-World Testing: It’s critical to try the app out in real-world scenarios across various devices. Your app should work well regardless of the device’s screen size, camera specs or operating system.

We pride ourselves on offering an app testing strategy that irons out all the potential inefficiencies or functionality issues your app may have. This will ensure you end up with an app of the highest quality.  

Mobile App Testing Services to Help You Succeed

Using the right tools and methodologies to test an app is a key part of the app development lifecycle, as it allows us to optimize your app’s functionality. Plus, extensive app testing allows you to consider the various devices, operating systems and type of users who will be connecting with your application. This way, you will end up with the most optimized app possible, one that will set your business up for success.

In order to make the most of app testing, you need to work with a skilled development team. Here at 7T, we specialize in custom mobile app development and app testing for companies in virtually every industry. We also provide services in a host of cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, augmented reality, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. 7T is headquartered in Dallas, but we also serve clients in Austin, Houston, and beyond. To learn more about our app testing services, contact us today.

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