iSalt iOS and Android Mobile App

Life On a Boat from Your Mobile Device – iSalt Social App Released

DALLASJuly 14, 2016

SevenTablets and Stephen Seger Announce Launch of Coastal Themed Photo and Video Social Networking App

SevenTablets, Inc., a leading B2B mobility solutions provider, announces the first release of iSalt, a social networking and event sharing app by Texas entrepreneur, Stephen Seger.

iSalt makes its first waves in the App Store for iOS with an Android release soon to follow. The social sharing app serves a niche of users that live in coastal communities and allows people to share information and imagery of events and experiences related to boating, fishing, surfing, and beach volleyball among others.

Speaking on behalf of the Rockport, Texas based start-up, Founder and CEO Stephen Seger explains,

“We experience awesome moments along the coast every day. What makes life on the coast special is that sometimes we anticipate moments and other times they just sort of happen organically. iSalt is a unique platform that lets you capture and share these moments… You can then curate and edit these experiences to your liking and share them with the world or a tighter knit, select group of friends.  iSalt is coastal social.”

Shane Long, President of SevenTablets, says of the launch, “I am extremely proud of the great work, diligence, and effort our team has put into this. We are excited to see Stephen’s company grow from tech start-up to tech titan. iSalt serves an exciting community of fun-loving people and creates a custom channel of communication between businesses, event organizers, and participants in those coastal markets.”

Following this first release, iSalt will leverage data and analytics to grow the product with additional functionalities that yield greater engagement and fantastic user experiences.

About SevenTablets: SevenTablets is a Dallas, Texas based digital transformation leader with expertise that spans the most advanced mobile platforms including predictive analytics, natural language processing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and disparate database cloud integrations. The company uses its business first approach to create cutting-edge business solutions that streamline operational efficiencies and accelerate revenue.