SevenTablets Sponsors Techweek Dallas

SevenTablets Announces Techweek Sponsorship Following Capital One and AT&T

DALLASOctober 12, 2016

Techweek Enters Dallas Market, Gains Early Buzz and Sponsors Among Anticipated Week of Networking, Tech Innovation and Music

(PRWEB) — SevenTablets, Inc., a leading B2B mobility solutions provider specializing in mobile app development, big data and analytics as a service, announces its sponsorship of Techweek’s Entrepreneur Expo. This event kicks off a highly anticipated Launch Competition for technology start-ups. The Expo showcases local companies that actively support business start-ups and Launch gives exposure to those teams that may ultimately become the next Uber or premier business solution of the world.seventabletstechweek

The Expo takes place concurrently with the Speaker Summit and Techweek events run in Dallas from Oct. 31 to Nov 6. Summit attendees will be able to learn from the experience of Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian, among others, and will be able to meet SevenTablets president and mobility pioneer Shane Long, as well as award winning CEO and Founder Kishore Khandavalli, among a handpicked collection of business leaders and start-up mentors.
Speaking on behalf of the Dallas based company, Director of Marketing Adam Rizzieri said,

“The meaning behind Techweek’s Entrepreneur Expo and Launch events parallels the core of SevenTablets’ founding. As an organic result, our clients, ranging in size from funded start-up to Fortune 500, benefit from our ability to balance their business needs of the present while keeping an eye on the future to ensure scalability and incremental, ongoing competitive advantage.”

In addition to networking opportunities and scheduled workshops, Techweek will host evening music events bringing entertainment to an already energized attendance, kicking things off with an experience best described as a fusion of technology and music immersion at The Bomb Factory in Dallas’ Deep Ellum district.

Following Techweek in November, Shane Long is scheduled to speak on Predictive Analytics after a keynote delivery by Emmy Award-nominated actor and marketing business leader, Rainn Wilson, at the Digital Summit Dallas in December.

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About SevenTablets: SevenTablets is a Dallas, Texas based digital transformation leader with expertise that spans the most advanced mobile platforms including predictive analytics, natural language processing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and disparate database cloud integrations. The company uses its business first approach to create cutting-edge business solutions that streamline operational efficiencies and accelerate revenue.