Business Challenge: Enterprise Mobility

Bell Helicopter engaged us, seeking an efficient and rapid development partner that would allow them to meet internal, confidential needs to improve their business. SevenTablets was pleased to engage Bell as their development partner, helping lead their team to value by utilizing only the best technology suited to the needs of the end users.

Features and Capabilities

  • Shorter Sales Cycles - Accelerating Revenue

    Shorter Sales Cycles – Accelerating Revenue

  • Improved Field to Base Communication

    Improved Field to Base Communication

  • Real-time Messaging

    Real-time Messaging

  • On-demand Product Information

    On-demand Product Information

  • Information Security

    Information Security

Our Solution

Through a discovery process involving key stakeholders inclusive of the primary decision maker, our business team worked with Bell to identify how best a mobile solution would yield the greatest value. The standard SevenTablets value discovery process was utilized in this process and ultimately the result is a custom creation that exceeds all client expectations.
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