Business Challenge: Internal Messaging & Security

Employees around the world need a better, more secure way to communicate with their mobile phones and tablets. Brigade provides a secure alternative to standard SMS messaging.
A real-time enterprise messaging platform with military-grade encryption that lets employees communicate and collaborate instantly using their mobile devices. Set your messages to expire after a certain time (ephemeral messaging), seen only within a specific location (geofencing), and rest assured that your corporate data is safe with 4096-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of SSL certificate encryption available in the market.

Solution Attributes

  • Instant Collaboration

    Brigade allows employees to communicate securely at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

  • Time and Location Sensitive

    Brigade’s security features allow users to read images for a certain period of time or in secure locations only.

  • Military-grade Encryption

    The highest levels of encryption keep messages on lockdown. No hacker stands a chance.

  • Completely Mobile

    Messaging is always available, rather than tied to a desktop computer or office building.

Features and Capabilities

  • 4096-bit SSL Encryption

    Highest level of SSL encryption certificate available in the market.

  • Geofencing

    Set your message to be seen only within a specified geographic radius or location.

  • Intruder Alerts

    Takes a secret photo if someone is trying to access an account multiple times, and emails the photo to the account owner.

  • Ephemeral Messaging

    Set your messages to expire after a specified amount of time.

Never put your company’s sensitive messages at risk again.

An enterprise messaging platform
with military grade encryption