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Business Challenge

Cloud9 Real Time, an award-winning Application Hosting Service Provider, needed a branded remote desktop client for their customers on iPad / iPad Mini devices that was compatible with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol. Following this quick win, Cloud9 saw a 20% boost in new leads and client acquisition.
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In addition, growth in business required better customer experience and client service. To that end, creation of a user interface that would allow a customer to easily and directly connect to Cloud9’s tech support team was identified as necessary.

Solution Attributes

  • Our ``Business First`` Approach

    We ask different questions than our competitors. We first began a discovery process involving a consultative approach to fully understand Cloud9’s business, its customer, and their needs

  • Understand End User Needs

    Crucial to success, our business analysts ensured alignment among all stakeholders including the leadership to effectively map a technology solution back to the business need. User experience and engagement are always top of mind.

  • Agile, Rapid App Developent

    Cloud9 had a fully functioning mobile solution in less than two weeks. Our Agile process is collaborative and delivers higher performing mobility solutions by utilizing our STAX open-source platform.

  • Solution Support and Deployment

    If everyone was a mobility expert, we wouldn’t be in business! Our experts walked Cloud9 through deploying their new mobile solution to the Apple App Store and provided responsive, engaged post-production support.

Features and Capabilities

  • Microsoft-compatable iOS Solution

    Cloud9’s solution required compatibility with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol despite being an iOS remote desktop client

  • Real-time Communication

    The Cloud9 interface allowed customers a real-time, simple ability to connect directly with tech support as needed. This improves customer satisfaction and typically leads to longer customer life-time value and a generally better experience for all.

  • Secure Access to Data

    Cloud9 and its secure platform provide ensures that their employees and clients can securely access data in the cloud.

  • 20% Increase In New Business Activity

    The SevenTablets’ solution for Cloud9 allowed for better customer experiences, resulting in a quick boost in new business inquiries and orders.

“We had a very short deadline to roll out an iPad app to our customers. The team over at SevenTablets took on our project as if it was their own and pulled through to the finish line.”
-Robert J. Chandler, CEO/President, Cloud9 Real Time

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