Fit Freedom Team

Business Challenge:

Take accurate body measurements and streamline ordering while reducing returns and exchanges.

About Rebel Athletic

Rebel Athletic cheerleading uniforms are designed by experienced fashion designers who are passionate about cheerleading style. The Rebel Team is also dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience of any athletic clothier, which is why they teamed up with SevenTablets to create Fit Freedom for teams. Fit Freedom is revolutionizing the way athletes shop for athletic wear and custom uniforms through augmented reality.

Reducing Costs

  • User-Friendly Interface

    The Fit Freedom mobile app allows users to take accurate body measurements in minutes through its easy-to-use user interface. Users simply point the phone’s camera at the subject and center a star within a box that hovers over the subject’s body.

  • Revolutionary Technology

    The Fit Freedom app utilizes the phone’s camera, depth sensors and other features to scan individuals and produce measurements accurate to half of an inch. Between scans, users can adjust where measurements are taken on the chest, waist, hips, arms and legs.

  • Easy Ordering

    Through Fit Freedom, cheerleading coaches and sales reps can easily scan multiple teams and place orders for each. Orders can be comprised of multiple uniform designs and colors, which can be customized directly inside the app.

Accelerating Revenue

  • Improved Efficiency

    Previously, cheerleaders had to be measured manually. The manual fitting process was slow, cumbersome and sometimes inaccurate. Through Fit Freedom, reps and coaches can measure multiple team members accurately and fast.

  • Reduced Returns & Exchanges

    Thanks to the accuracy of Fit Freedom’s measurements, Rebel is experiencing much lower return and exchange rates. These lowered rates are especially important to Rebel, as most of their products are custom made.

  • Cost Savings

    Thanks to Fit Freedom, Rebel is saving money on FitKits, returns and exchanges. Over time, these savings will boost the company’s bottom line significantly, allowing them to operate with higher efficiency and profitability.

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