Business Challenge: Launch a Cost-Conscious Mobile App Startup

iSalt is a funded start-up that offers a social networking and event sharing solution for people that live in coastal communities. As a first time mobility solutions buyer, the business engaged us for mobile strategy creation and rapid development to help bring a product to market that would attract new investment. SevenTablets is pleased to release the early stage of this “coastal social” app for iOS and will be releasing an Android version soon.

Feature and Capabilities

  • Social Networking App for iOS

    Social Networking App for iOS

  • App Cloud Hosting

    App Cloud Hosting

  • Video and Image Sharing

    Video and Image Sharing

  • Real-time Collaboration

    Real-time Collaboration

  • Rank and Score User Images

    Rank and Score User Images

Our Solution

iSalt is the first and only social app exclusively developed for the saltwater coast. Create and publish events to share your coastal experience with family and friends. Post statuses to draw users to your profile and filter your feed to customize your coastal brand. Stand alone or collaborate with friends to become a Top Tier member and dominate your coastal channel. There’s only one question that remains; iSalt, do you?
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