MediBookr is a digital healthcare marketplace that helps companies and employees reduce the cost of health services. As a 2016 Health Wildcatters graduate, MediBookr required the expertise of a business mobile expert to improve user engagement among medical patients and accelerate business growth by acquiring new B2B clients.

Our Solution

Utilizing natural language processing (NLP), similar to a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa, MediBookr makes sense out of a patient’s symptoms and recommends specific health practitioners suited to their needs. The platform considers each company’s specific health insurance plan and allows its subscribers to shop for the best price and quality of care according to their coverage.

Features and Capabilities

  • Natural Language Processing

    Leveraging NLP, app users can speak directly to the app, sharing their symptoms and allowing the technology to recommend the best health provider according to their individual needs.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Users benefit from geolocation services, allowing them to select a physician within close proximity who is currently accepting new patients.

  • Custom Mobile APIs

    Mobile APIs facilitate optimal user experience through a high performance, fast mobile app that is able to connect with a natural language processing engine in real-time.

  • Outside CTO Services

    As a funded start-up, MediBookr required additional leadership to align technological possibilities with business needs. SevenTablets’ leadership worked with stakeholders to create the single greatest growth strategy.

Leveraging SevenTablets as its technology partner, the company worked to bridge the gap between a web based platform and an enterprise quality, scalable mobile solution. MediBookr now provides patients with a med-tech experience that enables streamlined decision making and appointment booking while also facilitating patient acquisition for health providers.

Business Impact

Disrupting an old industry, MediBookr was recognized as “National Health-Care Innovator” at Premier Inc.’s Innovation Celebration. This Dallas startup was described as one of the “groundbreaking” health-care companies in the United States amid other products introduced by giants including 3M Corporation, Abbott/St. Jude Medical, and Siemens Healthineers.