Professionally Edited Photos in Minutes

Mendr allows users to have their photos edited by professional editors within minutes. “You capture the moment, we mend it.”

Business Objective:
Provide access to professionally edited photos to
everyone with a smartphone.

The Mendr photo editing app restores some of our time in the real world, passing the burden of getting photos “social media ready” to the professionals who can shape them up in minutes. Their easy-to-use interface allows you to request specific changes, big and small, or leave it to the pros enhance your photos how they see fit.

Features and Capabilities

  • Giving Time Back to the User

    The team at Mendr is dedicated to making your photos look amazing while saving you time it takes to prepare images for social media. Users simply select their changes and sit back while their image is professionally edited. Users receive a push notification when their photos are ready to be downloaded.

  • Craftsourcing: A New Approach

    Mendr’s unique business model is based on the idea of crowdsourcing, but their app fuels a new concept, craftsourcing. Craftsourcing is the idea of sourcing professional work from a group of people with a specific skillset via the internet.

  • Creative Control Over Your Photos

    Snapping photos on a smartphone is convenient, but they don’t always turn out so great. If users on the Mendr app want to remove stray hairs or photobombers, adjust exposure, whiten their teeth or even change the color of their hair, they can do that with the Mendr app.

  • Budget Friendly Editing

    Downloading the Mendr app is free on iOS and Android. Once users have the app, they can take advantage of the photo editing service for $2-$30. Edits on the lower end include “Editor’s Choice” editing, which gives editors creative control of the enhancements, and scale up as edits get more extreme. Higher end edits might include restoring vintage photos with cracks or altering clothing.

  • Quick Turn Around

    Because Mendr’s edits are sourced from a large group of professionals, users never have to wait around for an editor to become available. Minor edits can take as few a 5 minutes, while involved edits can take a few hours. No matter what you request, you never have to wait very long!

Our Solution

SevenTablets worked with Mendr to create a user interface that is not only stunning, but easy to use. Following our ‘Business First‘ approached, the 7Team designed and developed the Mendr app to be the ultimate photo editing tool, specially designed to take the time and guess work out of prepping your photos for social media. Like all SevenTablets’ apps, Mendr will be easily updated and comes equipped with analytics and 4096-bit SSL encryption through the STAX development platform.
Mendr Photo Editing App