PanAmerican Life

Big Data & Analytics Meets Winning Mobility Strategy

Business Challenge: Big Data and Mobile Analytics

This large insurance company did not have a mobile presence and wanted to create iOS and Android apps to help increase their customer engagement and decrease call center costs.

The Big Win

With their first mobile app, our client was able to provide real-time responses to policyholders, seeing a decrease in call center costs of 32%.

Our Solution

The SevenTablets team developed native iOS and Android applications that seamlessly integrated with the client’s brand and website. Plan members were given the ability to view their benefits, search for in-network providers, view their ID cards, all while on-the-go. Other app features included a contacts list, digital resource database, the ability to deliver customized messages to specific end user groups, and an internal search function.

Solution Attributes

  • Our ``Business First`` Approach

    Discovery process involving a consultative approach to fully understand business needs and quantify expected return on investment.

  • Understand Needs of End Users

    Align all stakeholders including the team leadership and its fans to effectively map technology back to the business. Cater to a winning user experience to drive adoption and engagement.

  • Create New Revenue Channel

    By effectively utilizing a mobility strategy following the work that goes into our “Business First” approach, PanAm was able to develop a new revenue channel through its newfound enterprise mobility solution.

  • Build Customer Loyalty

    Improve connectivity with fans and provide them with the latest team information with the convenience of push notifications.

  • Decrease Call Center Costs

    A need to reduce call center costs was present and effectively addressed by the SevenTablets approach to the mobility solution.

Features and Capabilities

  • Search for In-Network Providers

    Plan members are able to search for in-network health providers with ease.

  • View ID Cards

    Customers can view the most recent insurance identification cards from anywhere.

  • View Insurance Benefits

    Solutions allows subscribers to stay up to date on their benefits.

  • Custom Messaging Abilities

    With messaging built into the solution, customized messages may be delivered to users with ease and as needed.

  • Digital Resource Database

    Easy access to information specific to contacts, providers, and other relevant subscriber information.