PHP Agency

Enterprise Sales Acceleration

Business Challenge: Build a User-friendly Sales Companion App

PHP empowers individuals to become entrepreneurs through their financial services agency, which offers life insurance, retirement planning annuities and debt settlement. PHP is currently recognized as one of the fastest growing financial marketing organizations in the United States.
PHP Agency mobile sales app
The PHP Agency sales companion app is an enterprise sales accelerator that is modernizing an otherwise very traditional industry. PHP’s insurance mobile sales app is a solution that provides sales resources, contact management, industry news and secure internal messaging. The app’s leaderboard allows users to easily track their personal and team sales goals, boosting collaboration.

Features and Capabilities

  • Enable Enterprise Sales Acceleration

    The team at PHP is recognized as one of the fastest growing marketing organizations in America. To keep up with rapid business growth, the company required a technology solution that would allow the pace of business to continue accelerating to the next level.

  • Military Grade Security Among Team Communication

    Communicating and exchanging potentially sensitive client and corporate data may be risky and vulnerable to attack though technology is necessary to enable business. To mitigate risk and serve the business need, PHP’s solution leverages the SevenTablets Brigade security platform, bringing 4096-bit SSL encryption.

  • Gamification of Sales Goals Among National Teams

    To add enthusiasm and incremental excitement to sales performance, the PHP mobile solution allows individuals and teams to compete with themselves and their colleagues across the United States, allowing them to earn badges, awards, and special performance incentives that encourage productivity and excellence.

  • On-demand Video and Document Sharing

    PHP Agency is driven by a community of entrepreneurs. These professionals constantly refine their financial and insurance product knowledge through in-app access to educational videos shared by key influencers and leadership. The app also allows easy, secure sharing of documents through iOS and Android devices.

  • Modernizing A More Traditional Industry

    The life insurance and financial services industry has been around for a long time. With Millennials now dominating buying activity in the market, PHP Agency recognizes the need to be present where their professionals and customers are… on their mobile devices. The PHP sales companion app is a game changer and part of the company’s broad set of initiatives that create competitive advantage.

Our Solution

SevenTablets worked with PHP to identify inefficiencies in the company’s sales process. Following our ‘Business First‘ approached, the 7Team designed and developed the PHP Agency sales companion app to be the ultimate tool, specially designed to compliment their team by providing instant educational resources, sales collateral, goal tracking and collaboration. All messaging is protected using the 7T Brigade mobile security platform and like our other solutions, all SevenTablets’ apps are easily updated, and come equipped with analytics and 4096-bit SSL encryption through the STAX development platform.
PHP Sales Companion App - SevenTablets
“SevenTablets worked to understand our business drivers from Day 1… As our mobile technology partner, they provide unrivaled expertise, great communication, and a mobile solution that truly creates competitive advantage for PHP Agency Inc.”
-Thomas Ellsworth, President & COO, PHP Agency, Inc.