Rebel Athletic

Business Challenge:

Accelerate revenue and improve efficiency to support hyper growth.

About Rebel Athletic

Founded in 2012, Rebel set out to provide the best cheerleading uniforms in the world, at the best value, backed up by the best service and designs available anywhere. Five years later, they’ve turned that vision into a reality. SevenTablet’s stepped in to create a digital transformation for Rebel that changed the way athletic teams design and purchase their uniforms.

Reducing Costs

  • User-Friendly Uniform Customization

    The Rebel mobile app puts uniform design into the hands of the Rebel sales teams and the coaches they work with every day. Users can select from a variety of styles, and add their own logo and letters.

  • Color Swatches and Themes

    Teams can choose from a wide variety of colors offered by the Rebel design studio. First, users select a primary color scheme then customize their designs with accents colors and specialty fabrics.

  • Multiple Designs

    With the help of the Rebel Athletic mobile app and sales team, cheerleading coaches can design uniforms for all of the teams they coach. The sales associates can also keep track of every team’s designs in the client artboard.

  • In-App Approval Process

    When client designs are finalized, they can view their final proof directly in the app. This prevents confusing email changes and unnecessary phone calls, boosting both revenue and efficiency.

Accelerating Revenue

  • Quantity Selection & Purchasing

    Sales associates can select the sizes and quantities within the app, which streamlines the ordering process and reduces errors.

  • Full Product Range

    In addition to uniforms, teams can also customize outerwear and accessories to create a cohesive, polished look.

  • Sales Information

    The sales team can take notes on each order, store client contact information and delete out-dated orders with the tap of a finger.

  • Multiple Views

    Sales associates can toggle between the front and back of each design, and view each team’s entire collection through the client artboards. If anything needs to be changed, designs can be altered instantly before placing an order.

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