Sous Vide Supreme

Business Challenge: Control Sous Vide Supreme Remotely

Sous Vide Supreme water ovens are the ideal way for home chefs to create inspired, restaurant-quality food at home. Thanks to the Sous Vide Supreme app, users can now control their Sous Vide Supreme devices from their phone,  connect with friends and explore new recipes.

Core Functionality

  • Easy Start Up

    With the Sous Vide Supreme app, syncing your cooker to your phone is simple. Simply download the app and place your phone near the cooker’s flashing light.

  • Manual Cooking Set Up

    If you know the right temperature for the dish at hand, you can set the cooker’s temperature and duration manually. Press start and relax while your Sous Vide Supreme cooker prepares your cuisine with precision.

  • Guided Cooking Set Up

    The guided set up option allows you to select your ingredient, such as salmon, define its thickness and weight, and choose your cooking preference. Next, the Sous Vide Supreme cooker will choose the optimal temperature and cooking duration.

Enhanced Features

  • Social Connection

    With the Sous Vide Supreme app, you can connect with your partner in cooking-crime and follow friends and chefs. By connecting with others, you can see and share favorite recipes.

  • Delicious Recipes

    For those looking for proven sous vide recipes, the Sous Vide Supreme is a valuable resource. The app has a curated collection of chef-created recipes that are sure to impress.

  • Custom Recipes

    App users can also create and save their own custom recipes. These recipes are kept safe inside the app, where users, their friends, and followers can find and enjoy them.

Take control of your kitchen with the Sous Vide Supreme App.

Optimize your kitchen with

the Sous Vide Supreme App.