Business Challenge:

Digitize legal notebooks to provide easily searchable, efficient and secure documents for lawyers with Suprabook.

About Suprabook

Suprabook was created by Jesse Okiror, a young lawyer from Dallas, Texas. Jesse’s goal is to revolutionize the legal profession by making paper legal notebooks a thing of the past. With Suprabook, lawyers can store multiple cases and notebooks directly on their tablet devices, take notes and collaborate with others.


  • Case Management

    With Suprabook, lawyers can add and delete cases from the convenience of their tablet device. Digital cases on Suprabook include all the pertinent information paper cases do, without the hassle and waste.

  • Correlating Notebooks

    Rather than carrying clumsy paper notebooks and supporting documents for each case, Suprabook users can now create notebooks directly within the app. Each notebook can be correlated with one or more cases.

  • Enhanced Features

    With Suprabook, multiple notebooks can be tied to a case. Within the cases and notebooks, users can make notes, highlight, bookmark pages, search for specific terms and phrases, and share documents via email and other methods of export.


  • Personal Profiles

    Each Suprabook user has their own profile complete with their name, email address, profession (lawyer, judge, legal assistant) and firm affiliation. These profiles can be seen by other users, allowing users to collaborate and be aware of their peers and their involvement with each case.

  • Sharing & Teamwork

    With Suprabook, legal teams can easily share their notes and supporting documents with their colleagues. Users can also send materials from Suprabook via email, just in case one of their colleagues is not yet using the app.

  • Legal Contacts

    Suprabook stores user’s contact list so they can reach out to lawyers, judges, mediators, arbitrators, paralegals and other industry professionals whenever they need to.