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The tech experts at SevenTablets pioneered a one-of-a-kind product, Sertics, which is designed to deliver in-depth business insights through the use of Predictive Analytics engine technology. In addition to creating a business analytics platform, 7T can also assist with the creation of a Data Lake — a secure place to store raw data. We’ll even connect your Predictive Analytics engine to your Data Lake for an easy-to-use system that generates the info you need to make data-driven business decisions.

SevenTablets Predictive Analytics Sertics

Data Lake Creation

A Sertics Data Lake provides you with a raw data storage portal that can be easily queried, enabling your team to pull data without a data scientist! Your company’s Data Lake feeds directly into your Sertics Predictive Analytics engine in real-time, automatically generating key business analytics as new data becomes available. 7T can also integrate your new Data Lake with a Data Warehouse. Our Data Lakes feature sophisticated, GDPR-compliant security measures and tools that make it easy to use and manage your data.


Predictive Analytics

The Sertics Predictive Analytics engine can process mountains of raw data, generating useful business insights that empower company leaders to make sound, data-driven decisions. Our Sertics developers have refined our custom analytics platforms to deliver an intuitive user experience, while giving users the power to pinpoint trends and patterns that would be impossible for a human to identify. With Sertics Predictive Analytics for business, company leaders get the business insights and analytics they need to act quickly, confidently and decisively. 


Harness the Power of

Predictive Analytics for Business

With the right data and insights, your company can exceed expectations and dominate the industry. Make the most of your data with a user-friendly Data Lake, combined with Sertics’ Predictive Analytics engine to generate the business insights that you need to succeed in even the most competitive fields. It’s the technology you need to boost your bottom line in some dramatic ways. 

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