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Agile Software and App Development to

Solve Problems and Increase ROI

At SevenTablets, we view ourselves as your partner in mobile app development, agile software development and enterprise technology. We use a streamlined agile development process for every project we undertake. This translates into a more rapid development timeframe and the best-possible end result. An agile development strategy allows us to maximize ROI for your project too, whether you’re building a cross-platform mobile application or enterprise software. We also believe in treating our clients as our development partners, so you can expect to be involved every step of the way to ensure your new software or app surpasses your expectations.

Dallas Agile Development Services - Custom Software and Mobile App Development by 7T
Built With Users in Mind
Every piece of software, whether it's a CRM, ERP platform or cross-platform mobile app, is built to deliver an engaging user interface (UI) for an exceptional user experience (UX).
Solving Problems With Software
The best mobile apps and custom software platforms are built around pain points, solving problems and simplifying tasks to increase productivity and engage users.
Periodic Reviews
We involve the client throughout the app and software development process, which allows for flexibility and changes arising from periodic reviews. Our agile development strategy is a collaborative one.
Commonsense Strategy
Our agile software development process is flexible to allow for additions or modifications when they're beneficial. The best mobile apps and software platforms are built around your exact needs.
Cutting-Edge Technology
SevenTablets specializes in integrating cutting-edge technologies, such as Predictive Analytics, Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and sophisticated security measures. It's the technology you need to elevate your business to the next level.
Continual Support
Some development companies cut ties once your app or software platform is completed. We're available for an ongoing relationship, whereby we can offer continual support and updates for our clients' mobile apps, enterprise software and other development projects.

Go Beyond Software and App Development Services

Get a Comprehensive Digital Strategy for Success

At SevenTablets, we don’t simply build and deploy top-of-the-line software and apps; we also create refined digital strategies that improve your company’s operations from top to bottom. It’s what you need to increase operational efficiency, productivity and engagement. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for enterprise software, mobile strategy and custom development projects. Every company needs a unique approach tailored to their exact needs. That’s why we join forces with your leadership team to identify how you define value, crafting a comprehensive agile development strategy that aligns with your business objectives. It’s this approach that’s made 7T a top software and mobile app development company in Dallas and beyond. 

At 7T, we solve hard problems.

Here are just a few.


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SevenTablets is a digital transformation and mobile app development company that creates cutting-edge business solutions. Our expertise spans mobile apps and many of the most advanced platforms, including predictive analytics, natural language processing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and disparate database cloud integrations. We apply a business-first approach to our client’s goals, helping them develop mobile apps and software solutions that streamline business processes and increase revenue. SevenTablets is based in Dallas, Texas and serves Austin, Houston and the United States.