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Innovative companies agree that leveraging data to uncover useful business insights is critical to scalability and continued success. 7T understands that easy access to your data, cost-effective storage, and top-tier security are non-negotiable requirements. That’s why we’re a Snowflake parter. We’ve joined forces with the premier cloud data platform and SaaS solution, Snowflake, to bring unparalleled cloud data solutions.

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Snowflake’s data warehousing solution provides three core functions – database storage, query processing and cloud services. These services offer scalability, data flexibility, security, and the ease-of-use you need to put your data to work.

To accomplish this feat, Snowflake provides a cross-cloud data warehouse that accepts structured and semi-structured data of varying formats. This means you can leverage the cloud storage provider that suits you best, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. From there, Snowflake offers data encryption at all phases of the cloud data storage life cycle, in addition to flexible user management, role-based access control, security compliance and countless other benefits.


Data Engineering
Snowflake’s data engineering capabilities equate to uninhibited performance without impacting your data lake and data warehouse operations. It also allows you to ingest data continuously through a range of ingestion styles and create data pipelines with SQL – no additional languages required.
Data Lakes
A Snowflake data lake takes the ordinary convenience of an unlimited storage data lake and adds powerful features for exceptional performance. Snowflake data lakes can consume a range of data types, support a variety of users with varying levels of access, and power real-time dashboards and analytics.
Data Warehousing
Snowflake data warehouses use an SQL database engine with a unique architecture specifically designed for the cloud, resulting in top performance and easy, self-service user access. A Snowflake warehouse requires you to pay for only what you use, making budgeting and scalability painless.
Data Science
Snowflake’s cloud data platform integrates with all of the leading tools that data scientists and analysts need in a comprehensive data solution. Thanks to its unparalleled performance, infinite scalability, and unlimited storage capacity for unstructured, semi-structured and structured data, Snowflake is the perfect foundation for data science.
Data Applications
Whether you want to analyze your website and transaction data, create better customer service experiences, or improve your internal business processes, you need data to make the right decisions. Snowflake is the ideal foundation for your data analytics applications with its exceptional performance, scalability, consumption capabilities and seamless integrations.
Data Exchange
Snowflake’s data exchange capabilities allow you to provide highly-secure, governed access to your company's data for a variety of users without the latency of traditional data exchange methods. Thanks to this speed and ease-of-use, you no longer have to worry about transferring outdated or incomplete data.



If your company is ready to move away from antiquated data warehousing, management and insecure data transfer services, speak with 7T about deploying Snowflake. As Snowflake partners, our team has the business analysts, data scientists and developers required to implement Snowflake’s many functionalities and solve your company’s data needs quickly and efficiently. Once Snowflake is up and running, your business users will enjoy highly-secure, instant access to the data they need for a variety of business operations.

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SevenTablets is a Dallas software consulting company, specializing in digital transformation and developing cutting-edge business solutions. Our expertise spans mobile app development, custom software development, system integrations, data governance and many of the most advanced technologies, including natural language processing (NLP), augmented reality (AR) and disparate database cloud integrations. We apply a business-first approach to our client’s goals, helping them develop software solutions that streamline business processes and increase revenue. SevenTablets is based in Dallas, Texas with additional offices in Austin, Houston and Chicago. Our clientele spans the United States and beyond.

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