Social Media App Development Services in Dallas

Social Media App Development Services in Dallas

The social media niche has grown rapidly in recent years. In fact, the term “social media” didn’t really exist until Facebook and Twitter came on the scene in 2006. Even after these sites were public, it took a while for the term to enter the mainstream lexicon.

In a little over a decade, social apps have developed far greater utility, from forming and maintaining professional connections to providing an interface where individuals with shared interests or needs can interact.

Social media mobile app development requires an in-depth understanding of your target audience and how individuals interact with each other and the app platform. This is where you can benefit from working with a mobile app development company such as SevenTablets, as we have experience developing intuitive, user-friendly social apps such as Mendr.

What Types of Features and Functions Are Included in a Social App?

  • Profile creation capabilities: Users should be able to leverage different visibility permissions depending on whether you’re connected with another user.
  • Alerts and notifications: You can configure the interface so users can decide precisely when they receive an alert.
  • Ability to post, interact and share posts on a wall or in groups: The precise configuration will vary depending on the nature and purpose of the social community. It’s typical to include @ mention and hashtag capabilities.
  • Private messaging interface: Users need to send, receive and block messages. Mobile apps typically feature push notifications, so you’re alerted when a new message is sent.

The Mendr App

SevenTablets was hired to create a social app called Mendr which provides a “craftsourcing” venue where image editing experts connect with individuals seeking everything from minor photo touch-ups to complex image enhancements. Those edits can be performed in minutes, making the app ideal for marketing firms or designers. Simply submit your image, sit back, and wait for a push notification when your project is complete. Alternatively, Mendr features do-it-yourself image editing tools that let you alter exposure and saturation, remove stray hairs and even change your hair color.

Security is a concern on any social platform, so Mendr includes 4096-bit SSL encryption. Additionally, every SevenTablets solution features predictive analytics and typical user analytics, giving you valuable insight for future improvements.

Turn to a Top Dallas Mobile App Development Company for Your Social App Build

The SevenTablets team is available to take on your custom social network app development project. We take a business-first approach to every project, as we craft a dynamic, intuitive mobile app that meets your unique business goals.

With headquarters in Dallas and regional offices in Austin and Houston, SevenTablets works with clients in the Texas Triangle and beyond. If you’re ready to kick-off your social app development project, contact SevenTablets today.

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