Mobile App Analytics

Discover Valuable User Insights With Mobile App Analytics

If you’ve been looked through the SevenTablets mobile solutions, you know we take a ‘business first’ approach to custom software development. This approach ensures our clients achieve their desired mobile app ROI within 18 months. When it comes to mobile apps, analytics play a crucial role in tracking an app’s progress toward a positive ROI, whether that’s measured as revenue generated, streamlined operations or another metric.

Mobile App Analytics Reveal:

  • User Aquisition Channels
  • User Retention Rates
  • Daily Active Users
  • Mobile App Interaction & Engagement
  • Most-Used & Least-Used Features
  • UI/UX Issues & Opportunities

These insights all our clients to enhance their mobile app so it generates more conversions, higher engagement and satisfied users. Whether you’re creating a mobile CRM tool or a social media app, mobile app analytics provide the intelligence your team needs to optimize your app’s performance.