Mobile App Analytics

Discover Valuable User Insights With Mobile App Analytics

At SevenTablets, we take a ‘business first’ approach to custom software development and creating bespoke mobile development solutions. This approach ensures our clients achieve their desired mobile app ROI within 18 months. When it comes to mobile apps, analytics play a crucial role in tracking an app’s progress toward a positive ROI, whether that’s measured as revenue generated, streamlined operations or another metric.

Mobile App Analytics Reveal:

  • User Aquisition Channels
  • User Retention Rates
  • Daily Active Users
  • Mobile App Interaction & Engagement
  • Most-Used & Least-Used Features
  • UI/UX Issues & Opportunities

These insights all our clients to enhance their mobile app so it generates more conversions, higher engagement and satisfied users. Whether you’re creating a mobile CRM tool or a social media app, mobile app analytics provide the intelligence your team needs to optimize your app’s performance.