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A user-friendly mobile application is critical to a successful Digital Transformation strategy. At SevenTablets, we pride ourselves on developing high quality, useful mobile apps that propel our clients’ businesses forward through improved efficiency, cost savings and greater revenue generation.

In addition to expert development services, the experienced team at SevenTablets is located in Dallas, Texas, making communication easy and reliable.

SevenTablets Provides Mobile Development Expertise To An Array of Businesses, From Well-Funded Start-Ups to Fortune 500s

At SevenTablets, we strive to produce the best possible mobile applications and offer technical advisement on a variety of topics,
for the greater good of your overall business. We always aim to ensure that our clients achieve a positive ROI on their development project, which makes us your mobile and technology partner, versus a traditional development shop.

We love to code but we love seeing our clients succeed even more!

Benefits of Choosing SevenTablets for Your Next Mobile Development Project

  • The SevenTablets ‘Business First Approach’ ensures your mobile application is an effective long-term investment for your business.
  • Our team of experienced designers and developers works diligently to provide high-quality, easy-to-use applications that create results.
  • SevenTablets’ development team is in-house. You never have to worry about the frustrations of offshore development.
  • SevenTablets develops hybrid mobile applications that perform as well (or better) than native apps. This means you only have to update one codebase, saving you a significant amount of time and money!

SevenTablets: A Track Record of Success

SevenTablets has been developing successful mobile applications for more than seven years. Our portfolio highlights our breadth of knowledge – including augmented reality, IoT, and other cutting-edge technologies – and ability to work across industries.

Sous Vide Supreme Mobile App by SevenTablets, Texas Development Company

Sous Vide Supreme

Business Challenge: Control Sous Vide Supreme remotely. Sous Vide Supreme water ovens are the ideal way for home chefs to create restaurant-quality food at home.

Suprabook Mobile App by Dallas Developers SevenTablets, Inc


Business Challenge: Digitize legal notebooks to provide easily searchable, efficient and secure documents for lawyers with Suprabook.

NextUp Sports Mobile App by Houston Developers SevenTablets

NextUp Sports

The Challenge: Create a mobile app that connects high school student-athletes, allowing them to collaborate and compete to enhance their skills.

The Fit Freedom App by SevenTablets and Rebel Athletics

Fit Freedom Team

Business Challenge: Take accurate body measurements and streamline ordering while reducing returns and exchanges. Rebel Athletic cheerleading uniforms are created by passionate designers.

The Ready Set Pour Mobile App by SevenTablets

Ready Set Pour

Business Challenge: Streamline an archaic sales process to accelerate growth and obliterate inefficiencies. The ready mixed concrete industry is growing faster than ever, but the inefficiencies are costly.

Hidrent Mobile App by Dallas Mobile Developers SevenTablets, Inc.

Hidrent Mobile App

Business Challenge: Create a valuable revenue stream for off-duty firefighters. Hidrent introduces a clever new way for the brave firefighters to make additional income during their downtime.

SevenTablets 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Developer

Designing, developing, testing, and maintaining mobile apps requires a special set of skills and resources. Make sure the developer you hire is well-equipped to handle your project. Download our latest ebook ’10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Developer’ to learn how to choose the right partner.

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