App Testing

Mobile Testing Services / Quality Assurance

The testing process for business apps is significantly more complex than for consumer apps. With a myriad of devices and operating systems to consider, testing must be taken into account from the start of any development project.


The goal in testing is to ensure the quality of your mobile app. Does it function as expected? Will it meet the needs of your users, so that they keep coming back? In tandem with an Agile software development methodology, our mobile app developers utilize JIRA, an issue and project-tracking software, which helps us build awesome apps while maintaining the highest-quality standards.

Our mobile development team carefully executes testing processes including:

  • Unit test creation, ensuring that all functionalities of your application are working as they should.
  • Reviewing code against general coding guidelines and best practices.
  • Acceptance tests that ensure your app does not crash and meets documented requirements.
  • Usability tests that verify that the mobile solution works for your intended user.
  • Load testing to ensure a fast and reliable user experience, every time.
  • User experience testing to make sure your app meets your users’ expectations for layout and workflows.
  • Real-device and real-world testing, including complex cases, such as location-based actions or the use of camera and any sensors in the device.