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A New Revenue Channel For Little Time and No Cost

Create a new revenue channel for your company by partnering with a high growth, razor sharp mobile technology partner. We offer lucrative referral fees and share in-market buyers that need your marketing, creative, and technology solutions.

To protect your client, you need a partner you can trust. We do things differently by asking all the right questions as part of our “business first” approach to technology. Our elite team of mobile app and predictive analytics experts work with stakeholders to define ROI before any project kicks off. Partner with us to strengthen your existing relationships and also to generate high value leads for your business.

Our Clients Share A Common Problem

A need to increase revenue and profit in ways that only a custom mobile solution can solve.

What's In It For You?

  • New Revenue - Earn Lucrative Referral Fees

    We offer the most compelling referral fees for new business. We’re able to do this because our client retention is just that good! Create a new revenue channel by leveraging us as your go-to mobile partner.

  • Lead Generation - Increase Customer Acquisition

    We work with companies ranging in size from enterprise to high-growth start-up. Many of our clients require your expertise in creative services, technology, and marketing.

  • Boost Customer Retention - Improve Profitability

    It costs more to acquire a customer than it does to retain one. In marketing, we know that optimization is everything. Work side by side with our mobile experts to ensure that your clients see the highest ROI over the longest period of time.

  • Mitigate Risk - Seriously Know Your Partner

    Protect your clients and refer them only to a technology partner that will lead them to value. We’ll educate them on selection criteria such as Onshore vs. Offshore, Native vs. Hybrid, and a list of 10 questions every business should ask before hiring a mobile software developer.

What's In It For Your Clients?

  • Business First Mobile Strategy

    From Day 1 our team works to fully understand your client’s business goals and objectives. We seek answers to important questions that allow us to quantify ROI during our no obligation discovery process.

  • Rapid App Development

    Let’s face it. Your clients need their mobile solution yesterday. Our open source platform, STAX, was developed without compromise and it offers the highest performance while lowering time-to-market and cost of investment by 35 to 40%.

  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics

    Businesses leverage data to understand user behavior and gain the highest ROI. With the IoT and mobile connectivity, data is ubiquitous and not all of it is relevant… Improve your client retention by converting satisfied clients into raving fans with our predictive analytics engine for real-time marketing decisions.

  • Domestic Developers & Designers

    Whether your client works with a technology team that is on-shore or off-shore is a strong factor in quality and synergy. We pride ourselves on our diverse, local team of mobile software developers. Schedule a time to stop by and meet us!

7T Partner Resources

Headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth, we have strategic offices in Houston and Austin, Texas. Whether you’re local or just visiting, join us in the conference room and let’s talk about how mobile apps and predictive analytics are accelerating business. Until then, check out the 7T Blog and the resources below.

  • Business Impact Across Industries

    Mobile technology is transforming businesses.

  • Business Use Cases: Leading To Value

    Client case studies we stand by.

  • Real Solutions for Real Business Problems

    Mobile Apps, Big Data, Predictive Analytics.

  • Mobile App Development FAQs

    12 common questions we hear from clients.

Mobile app development is a process. SevenTablets follows an approach that aligns key stakeholders and quantifies ROI before a single line of code is written. If your business contact is seeking a top Dallas mobile app developer to design an enterprise app, a B2B app, or a B2C app, 7Tablets is your trusted, local partner. Learn about some of the commonly asked questions and Contact Us today!

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